Research & Development Credits

Research Credit Module (RCM)

The CFO Services Research Credit Module (RCM) and Multi-State Module (MSM) offers a Company-wide solution for your business incentive activities.  Designed specifically FOR YOUR business and organizational structure, there are no per-user costs, no storage fees, license fees and/or burdens on your IT staff.  We are incentive experts first, but we have devised an open-platform that will produce better results in every facet of your Credit and Incentives activity, albeit at the Federal level, Multi-State level, or both.  Contact us at for more information, and/or to schedule a personal demonstration. Download the RCM: SaaS for the R&D Credit flyer and watch the video below to learn more.

Export to Excel

Learn how to export to Excel with the CFO Services Research Credit Module (RCM). Sometimes, you want to look at data in a different way – here is how to export your data set for use in other applications like Excel.