RCM Summary: QREs Documented, February 2021

Each quarter, CFO Services highlights a certain feature or aspect of its RCM tool for Research Credits.  This quarter, CFO Services is highlighting how to view the scope of documentation captured to help determine if the projects qualified are substantiated.  This helps clients determine the scope of what activities have or need document support while maintaining efficiencies. If you would like to learn more about CFO Services’ RCM tool, please visit our Newsletter archive.

Project Details

Percentage of QREs Documented: This graph on the dashboard shows the percentage of projects that are documented for qualitative purposes. This donut chart is being created from a column in the project listing that is checked if there is qualitative descriptions in the list Once a project has been documented, that field can be marked “yes” to show those project QREs in the graph’s percentage as covered.  In the Project listing there are columns for the Project Purpose, and descriptions for the 4 tests of the R&D Credit, Technical Uncertainty, Process of Experiementation, Business Component and Technical in Nature. You can see the Qualitative Project Listing example below. This List can also be exported to Excel when you click on an item and at the top tab under “List” click on the “Export to Excel”.

This project data is all taken from conversations with SME’s or from contemporaneous documentation. The documents that are received can be uploaded to a document library on the site and connected to the specific projects that they help support.

When viewing a project individually (see below) you can see all the documents associated to the project under the tab “Project Documentation”.  Along with documents you can see additional project details, such as time that employees have put to that specific project as well as any expenses that are associated with the project.

CFO Services Can Help With Your Research Credit & Tax Incentive Needs

The R&D Credit provides an opportunity to reduce tax liability. In order to maximize the R&D Credit impact to don’t forget to capture all the expenses that should qualified, especially wages that are direct support.  To learn if you’re eligible for the R&D Credit or have more questions related to qualified direct support, please contact CFO Services.

Through knowledge and perspectives gained working with virtually every industry and type of client (Fortune 500, medium-size and small companies), CFO Services has committed to a strategy of providing a depth of knowledge in a narrow field of focus: business incentives and credits. Providing tried and tested methodologies, our professionals can help almost any business research, identify and comply:

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