Multi-State Incentive Credits

The CFO Process

CFO Services offers a seamless extension of your tax department, providing state incentive strategies and solutions that have been developed over the last 20-plus years. Whether the information is project specific or all-encompassing, our approach is to maximize benefits and minimize the time necessary of the client company. We provide this via a “phase” approach. CFO Services gathers the relevant information, prepares the necessary paperwork, and identifies/captures the various incentives available for your business.

Identify:  Whether you have one location or 20 locations, centralized or decentralized, we will identify year-over-year employment and investment growth at your various locations utilizing our Business Incentive Portal.  Via our Business Incentive Portal, we will collect and catalog applicable data, by location.


Once specific “growth” locations have been identified, CFO Services personnel will leverage internal data and conduct further external research in order to match facility growth with the applicable state business incentive program(s) available.



After primary and secondary research is completed (by CFO Services), a deliverable is provided to Company identifying program thresholds, compliance requirements and ROI.  If the Company chooses to file, CFO Services will assist with the application and ongoing compliance requirements.