Multi-State Tax Incentives & Credits

Business incentives are fast-becoming the equalizer when comparing business tax climates amongst other states/countries, as well as an important tool, for business, to help offset operating costs (i.e. exemptions, abatements, training, job withholding, etc). These incentives, offered via a wide variety programs at both State and Local levels, are utilized by every state to retain and attract business, and are typically categorized as statutory (Legislative) and/or negotiable (customized) incentives. While statutory incentives are fixed-price/fixed-benefit incentives, negotiable incentives are customized and often times involve the city (government or chamber), county, state government and potential business partners (i.e. utilities, etc.). Most states offer a combination of both statutory and discretionary incentives.

Our Incentive Capture team will successfully negotiate with State/Local representatives to identify and capture business incentive packages, and our Incentive Compliance team will help you realize the incentives captured/negotiated for the long term. Via an experienced team of Managers, our technology platforms, and a collaborative effort of working with our clients, we will work with you to ensure that the compliance requirements, for each program captured, are completed for the life of the project………in all applicable states where you do business.

In addition to Multi-State Credits & Incentives, don’t overlook federal incentives, such as the R&D credit.

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Review a common listing of state incentives.