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Over almost three decades, CFO Services has developed extensive experience and technology to provide a broad range of services to help companies identify and secure federal, state and local incentives across the United States.  Our Federal Incentives team focuses primarily on R&D, whereas our Multi-State Credits & Incentives team concentrates on successful collaboration with State & Local representatives to capture statutory and discretionary incentives.  All areas of our business utilize our proprietary technology platform that makes capture, compliance, and management of your business incentives better and easier for your entire organization.

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About Us

Our Focus

Creating ROI with customized tax
incentive solutions.

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R&D Credits

Building your business through tax
incentive strategies.

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Credits & Incentives

Generating ROI via customized tax
incentive strategic solutions.

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CFO Services Technology Tools

Through our focus to offer the ‘best’ solutions in the business incentive industry, we have developed and utilize technology platforms that provide each client an efficient, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective approach to maximizing credits and incentives for the short AND long-term.  The RCM and MSM modules provide interactive platforms from which CFO Services and our clients can successfully capture quantitative and qualitative information and create ‘incentive’ visibility and workflow, for all locations, via Company-specific dashboards. Learn more…